Trusting This Protocol

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Funds secured using Glacier can only be as secure as its design. Here’s what you can trust about this protocol:

  • Expert advisors: The development of Glacier was guided with input from Bitcoin technology and security experts. See our advisor list.
  • Open source: GlacierScript, the Glacier companion software, is open source. The code is straightforward and well-commented to facilitate easy review for flaws or vulnerabilities. View it on Github.
  • Community review: The protocol has evolved in conjunction with the wider Bitcoin community. Early versions were circulated during development, and community feedback integrated. See our list of contributors.
  • Natural selection: All documentation and code related to this protocol is under open licenses (Creative Commons for the document, MIT license for the code), enabling others to publish their own revisions. Inferior alternatives will tend to lose popularity over time.

If you like, you may review the design document for details on the technical design.